Sirius XM is a great option for people looking for a radio station that has a lot of different kinds of music. You can listen to your favorite artists on The Pulse, a channel that plays a variety of pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today. It is part of the company"s "Xtra" channels, which feature a curated selection of music.

For people who want more than a few songs, you can try a playlist service. Several providers offer this feature, including Pandora, which is now owned by SiriusXM. Another good choice is Spotify. With this service, you can stream unlimited music on multiple devices for a single subscription. Although it is a subscription-based service, you don"t need a credit card. In addition to its regular advertisements, Spotify also features an unlimited podcast library.

As with many subscription-based services, you can choose to create a customized playlist, or you can choose from the company"s many pre-selected playlists. When you create a custom playlist, you can also save it for later viewing. Using a playlist is a great way to organize your own music collection. And sharing a playlist is a sweet gesture. Creating a playlist is a lot easier than making a movie list. Try a few of these options, and you"ll be well on your way to discovering the perfect music for you.