The use of typically the term XMM in the Internet is definitely an insulting one particular, perpetuating the belief of the xmsfox|unsuspecting|trusting and young sexy XMM. As long while a young young lady is in butt shorts and tuning in to manyao in the internet, it s|it can|is bitcoin trade investment|really easy to mass her into its kind, and that network marketing leads to a sexist, even condescending, frame of mind towards XMMs. Throughout Chinese society, the XMM can be a conventionally attractive girl involving 11 and over seventeen years old. She s airheaded and trusting, and tends to be able to dress provocatively. Inspite of her middle-class qualifications, the XMMs happen to be extremely popular, and even many people make an effort to emulate them. When XMM means very little sister in Mandarin, it has are available to mean virtually any young-looking female which isn t yet some sort of teenager. An XMM can be virtually any young-looking female, consequently long as she has wearing tank top rated and booty short circuits. XMM videos are incredibly popular on networking communities like TikTok.